Marine Protection With Magnaseal

In an era where the marine ecosystem faces unprecedented challenges, Magnaseal by Neothane Inc. stands as a beacon of hope and innovation. Our mission is clear: to provide immediate, effective solutions for oil leaks that threaten our waters. If you’re battling an oil spill, large or small, reach out to us. Let’s protect our oceans together.

Unyielding Defense Against Oil Leaks

Effective oil containment is at the heart of our purpose. Our technology doesn’t just address leaks and spills — it locks them down swiftly and securely. With Magnaseal, oil spill containment is a guarantee. We’re here to ensure that our marine life and ecosystems are shielded from harm.

warehouse barrels
warehouse barrels

Rapid Response, Rapid Recovery

Speed is of the essence in combating oil spills. Fast deployment for quick response is our mantra. Products like our boom anchor’s design allow for immediate action, minimizing environmental impact and safeguarding marine habitats. When every second counts, you can count on Magnaseal for ease of use and quick deployment when it matters most.

A Trustworthy Ally in Marine Conservation

Why choose us? Because at Neothane Inc., your mission becomes our mission. With over two decades of expertise and a foundation built on reliability and effectiveness, we serve as your partner in marine preservation.

warehouse worker looking around
warehouse worker smiling

Champions of the Deep Blue

We have a deep commitment to environmental conservation. Magnaseal is more than a product — it’s a pledge. We’re dedicated to preventing the dire consequences of oil leaks in our oceans which is why we continue to innovate our products to be faster and easier to use to further reduce our impact on our marine life as much as possible. Join us in our quest to keep the seas safe for future generations.

Every action counts in the face of oil leaks. Magnaseal by Neothane Inc. is your front-line defense, ready to tackle the challenge head-on. Join us in our commitment to marine protection. Reach out to learn more and request a quote to champion the cause of our oceans together.